Heavy Metal Genealogy Chart

Heavy Metal Genealogy Chart

On our other page Metal Genealogy Map we discussed the different genres Heavy Metal has taken on, the combination of some genres to create a totally new section. We have more of a description in that text based map.

This list grows and grows with each of the bands pushing the limits like Linkin Park and others ( to mention a few as the list is too long of a list to mention! ). As each of the metal genres blurs into another, we then get newly created genres that we can now bang our heads too. This ensures Metal will always be diversified to the point that it never becomes stagnated.  This keeps the music fresh and ensures it doesn't fade way in to the abyss of modern pop music controlled by auto-tune. As they turn mathematically controlled music into hits on pop radio.

We thought we would take a look at the Heavy Metal Genealogy Chart to show others how their favorite genre of metal was forged. Showing you which bands inspired your favorite metal artists. Which band they listen too and who inspired who.

Metal Genre Genealogy Map

This Heavy Metal Genealogy Chart shows exactly how each metal genre was created. Musicians creating new music which in turned created a new genre. With respect to the older genres we can see how the New Wave of British Metal for example has lead into Grunge and so on...etc.

An even better description with liner notes is:

Check that out!

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