Frequently Asked Questions

(for the ones that are new to Metal)

Q.What exactly is Metal?

A.Metal is a genre of rock music started out in the late 1950’s its a harder edged type of music. Some say Rock and Metal got their roots from the likes the Blues but it can be dated farther back than that from the time of Mozart with the Tritone a two to three note rhythmic sound  that was described back in the late 1700’s as "Diabolus in Musica"  translated the Devils music. This was a banned music back then and the punishment was death for even attempting to play this.

Some even think the generally accepted roots of heavy metal got their start in The Kinks - "You Really Got Me" . The chord changes laid the foundation for heavy metal as we know it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You_Really_Got_Me (Released August, 4 1964)

Q. Are there different types of Metal?

A. There are about 42 known genres ( and growing ) with sub-genres of Metal all stemming from Rock Music to Metal to Punk Rock, Shock Rock, Rock and Roll to the sub-genres known as Black metal , Death metal,  Doom metal, Glam metal, Gothic metal,  Groove metal,  Post-metal,  Power metal,  Speed metal,   Stoner metal,  Thrash metal,  Alternative metal,  Avant-garde metal,  Christian metal,  Crust punk,  Drone  metal,  Extreme metal, Folk metal,  Funk metal,  Grindcore , Industrial metal,  Metalcore,  Neo-classical metal, Nu metal,  Progressive metal,  Rap metal,  Sludge metal,  Symphonic metal,  Traditional heavy metal, Viking metal. (For more reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heavy_metal_subgenres )

Q. Is it all evil and revolving around Devil Worship?

A. No, most assume that because of the “Devils Horns” or the malocchio (known in Italy) as devil worship is not true,  introduced and popularized by the late great Ronnie James Dio It has become a symbol of Metal. Most Metal songs are about standing up for yourself, not taking crap or empowering ones self. Also partying and snubbing your nose at popular culture. Or kicking ass and takin names!

Q. How can I get into Metal?

A. I would suggest listening to some of the older bands, because there are other Metal Genres out there other than Nu Metal. I’m not knocking Slipknot but there are other bands around. Try to see what has inspired your favorite artist, what drove them to create the songs you love. You may just find another band worthy of listening too and following.

Q. Is there ever any Metal Concerts?

A. Yes plenty, some are in North America but the bigger festivals are mainly held in Europe. Wacken Open Air for example is held in Northern Germany every year. Download Festival, Crue Fest, Ozzfest are a short example of other Metal Festivals around the world.

Q. How can I find new Metal Bands?

A. I would suggest asking friends, listening to the radio but a lot of main stream radio is owned by the same or similar companies these days, with their playlists arranged by another main company. So it has gone too corporate for me. I would suggest other methods such as Internet Radio or Underground. This has brought us a whole bunch of new Metal Bands that we would of never heard/discovered otherwise. A great station and great people is Gods Forsaken Radio.

*PLUS* We’ll also be showcasing any new Metal Bands we come across.

Q. Do I have to own or buy anything to enjoy Metal?

A. Nope, just a brain + grey matter and your own thought processes. Just if you go to a concert and buy a t-shirt don't wear it at that same concert that's a fashion faux pa(big word for a no-no).

Q. Will listening to Metal Music make me a sexual deviant?

A. Nope, it won’t make you anything you weren’t already before hand, but too afraid to admit! You however may get a sore neck...

Q. Hey you all have got banners and selling stuff. How is that Metal??

A. Yes, well we all have to keep food on the table and gas in the tanks and condoms on the night stand... so yeah we have to whore ourselves out but then again who doesn't? That's the great thing about capitalism that you always have to be selling yourself.

Besides what do you think a CD is, its a product from the "Music Business" most record companies do not give the artist what they deserve roughly about a dollar from each CD sale goes to the artist. Just a little FYI there..

Q. I’ve heard that listening to Metal Music will cause me to have ritualistic suicides?

A. Yeah the PMRC tried to pull that one over every one's eyes back in the day. And tried to attack bands like Judas Priest, Frank Zappa, Twisted Sister, W.A.S.P.. But not listening to Metal can cause stupidity and you may happen to  vote for Jethro Tull as best Metal Act.

Q. It sounds like you are preaching?

A. Well let us get off our soap box and just proclaim that we are NOT in fact preaching, We believe in having an opinion on things, and even keeping that opinion to ourselves or expressing ourselves. It is after all our choice (freedom of speech). You can feel free to leave a comment but if its racist or sexist don't be shocked if its removed. Simple enough..

We felt the need to have a Frequent Asked Questions on this site simply because some questions need to be asked but never are...

Q.  Did you go to school? UR spelling!

A. Yes we did, and we can form complete sentences. Did you?

All kidding aside...

The reports we get from bands or fans we rarely edit the Metal News reports because they come from the source. We will if its very bad, but we do not mess with the message. All credit is always given to the author plus a link back to read the complete story.

We prefer to stay unbiased and just aggregate the Metal News for everyone.

Q. You have improved the site?

A. Yes we do small changes here and there. The latest changes are we have implemented Disqus comments because we got sick of the Viagra ads. But the good thing is you can still comment from Facebook or Twitter, even Yahoo!

Q. I have a Metal News story to tell you, I was at this concert last night!

A. Cool well go here and be sure to add your link back to your blog/site.


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