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Contact Press Releases

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We welcome all Metal News stories about your label, band, whatever but will not post articles that are obviously affiliate ads.

Be Sure, to give us enough time. In the past we have gotten press releases late, so what's the sense in promoting them when the event or concert is the very next day?

Be Sure, to have it in English language. We cannot translate it all and have the information come out in tact. So if you want poorly translated Press Release mentioning something about the village goat in her new spring outfit. By all means send it without having it translated... Consider having it translated then use the Contact Press Releases so it gets to us promptly.

Also check for spelling and grammatical errors. We may miss something and then it just looks like you wrote it out with crayon. Not bitching we just want to present professional style reporting so all information is accurate and accountable. Check your links too, lately we're getting a lot of links that go no where. You want the traffic, spend two seconds testing your links. This ONLY benefits you & clients!!

So use this Contact Press Releases so it doesn't get lost in our SPAM filters.

Consider giving us a backlink, we're promoting your site we can use a bit of help too. Look, we're not Record Industry finger puppets and we get slammed because we do not pick sides. We promote everything from the METAL GODS to the Unsigned Garage Bands.

ONLY when you have met these few requirements, then email. We will do our best to get them posted as quickly as possible. And we cannot always email back to confirm. We suggest following us for confirmation. And bookmark the page or email address once active, that way it will ensure your Press Releases won't get stuck in the SPAM filter. Consider using this Contact Press Releases form then, to ensure this doesn't happen.

Once we have you on your white list, you can send it via email and we'll get it that way! This saves you on repeat emails.

 Contact Press Releases

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