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With the recent deaths of a few great musicians this year( 2010 - Ronnie James Dio  & Peter Steele ) we found that a lot of the main stream media ( or Lame Stream Media as we like to call them ) simply didn't post correct information or even in some cases any information at all.

And quite frankly, when the main stream media did finally seem to post something regarding the death of these musicians, they didn't seem to care much about it. We have always known that popular culture doesn't readily accept Heavy Metal as a form of entertainment or music. Metal has been snubbed at awards shows, given no air time on radio or tv. And some how Metal thrives!

Not expecting much from the lame stream media, we created this website to help bridge the gap and deliver the real Metal News to those who need it.

We found that highly disrespectful.  Metalheads want to know the news about the music we all love & follow. Not all the hype but in a time of need when you have to know what information is available. Its best to get the news first, straight and accurate!

And no bubble gum pop crap music like the powers that be want you to listen too. To be in their eyes respectful and submissive. Not to take a stand for yourself.

That is why we have chose to create The Metal News (aka Metal music news feeder aggregate) to allow people to come to one website and get informed. This Metal Hub will inform and alert you to the metal music news you really need to know.


The Metal News About