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Stockholm-based Doomsters AVATARIUM have just released a lyric video on the B-Side track ‘Boneflower’, which is featured on their first single output ‘Moonhorse’ and will also be available on their self-titled debut. Also the band has put up a solo trailer for both songs ‘Boneflower’ and ‘Moonhorse.’ The lyric video for ‘Boneflower’ is available here: Instead of a mere statement, guitarist Marcus Jidell, quotes the part of the lyrics from ‘Boneflower’, which to him is truly the essence of the song: “Flowers grow inside the bones To catch the beauty of longing souls Deep down there in forest glades Love is bigger than death itself” The solo trailer is available at the following link: Commented guitarist Marcus Jiddel on creating the solo parts of ‘Moonhorse’: “I was asked to play the two solos for ‘Moonhorse’ but since both these solos are totally improvised there wasn't a chance that I could play the same thing again. So I did two new solos in front of the camera where I tried to put in the same feel as in the album solos. I hope you'll enjoy.” And on the video itself: “This is how I play the riffs from ‘Moonhorse’ and ‘Boneflower’. When I sat down and filmed this I really felt how much I want to play these songs live, can’t wait!!” AVATARIUM recently made a lyric video for the single track ‘Moonhorse’, which is online here: »Avatarium« will be released November 01, 2013 via Nuclear Blast. The debut single ‘Moonhorse’ was released September 20, 2013 and can be ordered here: http://smarturl.it/AVATARIUM-Moonhorse .
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