DORO Pesch – from rock legend to cinema …

Leisure time does not seem to exist for singer DORO Pesch, as she is once again about to face an overwhelming schedule, which has her commute between two worlds: the music business and the movie industry. After vocal recordings in early October in Hamburg, DORO took off to the Swiss mountains this past week, to finish working on the sequel of „ANUK – Way Of The Warrior“, where she is starring in front of director Luke Gasser’s camera. DORO impersonates warrior Meha, who is fighting dark rivaling hordes with her mountain people in 2,500 BD. Hardly back, DORO gathered her band for a final rehearsal prior to the upcoming Germany tour, which starts October 12, 2013 in Munich. A relaxed DORO comments: Stress? „No“, she laughs, „I am looking forward to my fans, especially since we’re celebrating our 30th stage anniversary on this tour. And the making of the movie was just great. In one scene I had to bite off an enemy’s ear. Afterwards you can see my face covered with a blood. Looks really tough, but it was so much fun to do this movie. I also love those scenes when I’m surrounded by horses and dogs.” The spectacle will be available on screen in late 2014. And its soundtrack will most certainly include songs from DOROs most recent output »Raise Your Fist In The Air«. DORO: „For me the song ´Free Your Heart´ fits to the film perfectly.“ Her most current success »Raise Your Fist in The Air« was released on August 3, 2012 via Nulcear Blast and was produced and mixed by Andreas Bruns in Hamburg, by DORO in New York and for the very first time by VOLBEAT’s producer Jacob Hansen in Denmark. Videoclip ‘Raise Your Fist In The Air’: Starting this Saturday, DORO will once again rock trough Germany! 12.10.2013 München Backstage Werk 13.10.2013 Frankfurt Batschkapp 16.10.2013 Hamburg Große Freiheit 18.10.2013 Münster Jovel Music Hall 19.10.2013 Wilhelmshaven Pumpwerk 16.12.2013 Nürnberg Hirsch 17.12.2013 Saarbrücken Garage 19.12.2013 Hannover Capitol 20.12.2013 Leipzig Haus Auensee 21.12.2013 Magdeburg Factory
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