With their classically influenced outlet LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA the three RAGE musicians Victor Smolski (guitar, keyboard and cello), Peavy Wagner (vocals and bass) and André Hilgers (drums) are currently entering the international charts! The debut record »LMO« crashed the German Charts on an amazing position #24! Further entries, in Switzerland on #43 and France on #143 make the chart success even bigger. »LMO« was mainly composed by Victor Smolski who cooperated with two orchestras from Spain and Belarus, having a total of more than 100 musicians working on this mammoth project. »LMO« follows an exciting concept on the burning of witches in the German town of Gelnhausen in 1599, written by vocalist Peavy Wagner and based on a true story. Apart from the three RAGE musicians, two female vocalists belong to the regular cast of the LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA: Jeannette Marchewka and soprano singer Dana Harnge. Guest vocals were contributed by Henning Basse (ex-METALLIUM), among others. The tracklist of »LMO« reads as follows: 01. Cleansed By Fire a) Convert The Pagans PT. 1 b) The Inquisition (instrumental) c) Convert The Pagans PT. 2 02. Scapegoat 03. The Devil´s Bride 04. Lament 05. Oremus (instrumental) 06. Witches` Judge 07. Eye For An Eye 08. Afterglow Get your copy of the record here: Some press quotes: “A masterpiece, LMO sets a new standard” ROCK IT, D “Majestic, theatrical and full of intense emotions” ROCK HARD, IT “Never before, band and orchestra have worked together that well!” GUITAR, D LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA live präsentiert von ROCK HARD, LEGACY, BLAST! und METAL.DE: 12.09. CH Pratteln - Z7 13.09. D Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle 14.09. AT Oberwaltersorf - Heavy Nights - Festival Check out online: Studio Trailer: Album Trailer, Pt 1: Album Trailer, Pt 2: Album Trailer, Pt 3: Album Trailer, Pt. 4: Track-By-Track Pt 1: Track-By-Track Pt 2: Lyric-Video:
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