Dreamstate Emergency releases new LP ‘Oneirophobia’

Dreamstate Emergency releases new LP 'Oneirophobia'

The creative crew called Dreamstate Emergency have released their new
LP, titled, “Oneirophobia.” The album is comprised of nine
original tracks for a running total of half an hour. A brutal,
shocking, stabbing record with all the ferocity and viciousness that
speed and death metal have been aiming to achieve for more than thirty
years, “Oneirophobia” is all that is horrifyingly wrong with the
world, wrapped up in a set list that will chill bones, grip hearts,
and strip the paint off of household appliances at appropriately high

This being roundly and explicitly understood, “Oneirophobia” is a
work of great artistic integrity, vivid color, and genius-level
composition. It is metal for the thinking man. Perhaps best
categorized as experimental metal more than anything else, it belongs
next to Neurosis in the audiophile's cherished record collection. Like
Neurosis, Dreamstate Emergency is not afraid of digital
instrumentation and effects that are often frightening to the core.
The careful listener will hear air-raid sirens, faraway shell
explosions, and much, much more. Additionally, they boast vocals that
shriek and howl, scream and tear in ways Metallica's James Hetfield
has always wished he could pull off.

Dreamstate Emergency's drums pound in tribal, occult patterns that
evoke visions of bonfires, chants, and black hoods. Their guitars are
like an ocean of orchestrated noise, a chorus of demonic sirens' calls
from deep beneath the earth. The brilliance of their guitar playing is
perhaps best exemplified in their track, “Out of Body Experience.”
The listener who can hear the song through to its end without the
hairs on his forearms standing up has no soul. Their songwriting is
masterful and tasteful, often surprisingly, almost impossibly precise.
Their decision to leave “The Awakening” in all its beautiful
simplicity at barely over a minute long shows an understanding of
musical principles most artists never garner in decades of writing and

All in all, “Oneirophobia” is likely the best metal album of 2013
so far, and may hold this title through to next year. No metal fan
should do without it, and music fans in general would do well to get
over any phobias of their own and visit this dark, scary place called
Dreamstate Emergency.

“Oneirophobia” by Dreamstate Emergency is available online

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer


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