FREE FALL – first of three album trailers …

Swedish freedom rockers FREE FALL have released the first of three album trailers in which guitarist Mattias Bärjed and drummer Ludwig Dahlberg talk about the band's early days and explain the term „Freedom Rock“: A free SongPier app for iOS & Android devices has been available as well. Surf to and safe the page to your homescreen. You'll be able to check out both singles, pictures, videos and more FREE FALL info. Also check out:
 Snippet & Commentary Valentine's Day video 

 Track By Track Part 3
 Track By Track Part 2 
 Track By Track Part 1 

„World Domination“ viral video 

 „Power & Volume“ music video 

 „Power & Volume“ lyric video „Power & Volume“, the album will be released February 22, 2013. Pre-order via (physically) and (digitally). „Power & Volume“, the single (including an exclusive non-album bonus track) is available digitally via iTunes and physically on 7“ vinyl via the Nuclear Blast Mailorder.
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