Nuclear Blast Poker – Icon Challenge Tourname

On November 20, 2012, the first „Icon Challenge“ tournament ever took place at the brand new Nuclear Blast Poker Room. In this tournament, both Scott Ian from Anthrax and Threshold front man Damian Wilson were challenged. Out of the almost 100 participants, it was Scott Ian who could kick Damian Wilson out of the tournament and who eventually won the whole thing! Two guys from the Nuclear Blast team took the chance, grabbed their camera and went to Ludwigsburg, where Anthrax played their gig the next day, to watch the master at work. In the meantime, Damian Wilson was filmed by his friend and Within Temptation guitar player Ruud Jolie at his house. Here’s the result: If you want to join in the Nuclear Blast Poker, surf to or and register - it’s free. Additionally, you will receive a 10,000 chips bonus and get the chance to win an exclusive signed Nightwish artwork canvas and a 50€ voucher for the Nuclear Blast Mailorder! Before this year ends, the Nuclear Blast New Media Team will challenge you for another tournament! So keep your eyes open!
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