SYLOSIS– „Monolith“ out now!

UK based modern thrash heroes SYLOSIS have just released their brand new album „Monolith” today.

"Little known secret; METALLICA's ...And Justice For All and DEATH's Symbolic record had a baby. It was tossed into a junkyard and forgotten about. It ate metal and drank gasoline until it broke free and began to kill. SYLOSIS defines modern speed metal. " – Chris Adler (LAMB OF GOD)

The press agrees:
"A masterclass in dynamic majesty: delightfully organic and inventive, and instantly indicative of being yet another modern thrash classic from Britain’s rising stars."
Amit Sharma, Metal Hammer UK

“Sylosis make a magnificent return, sounding tighter and more focused than ever. It’s like a massive metal machine trampling over your face.”
Johnny Doom, Kerrang! Radio

LEGACY (D), 13/15 Points, 9/10 Points, 4,5/5 Points

See for yourself:

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