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“Mnemesis”, the fifth studio album by Danish modern metallers MNEMIC, was released in Europe on the 8th of June and guitarist/songwriter Mircea Gabriel Eftemie’s mind is all over the place.

Bored with the standard fare of “track-by-track” commentaries, the crazy Dane decided to have a little fun and headed down to his friend ex-Hatesphere/Raunchy drummer Morten Toft Hansen’s house for some dinner and a game of word association. Eftemie read him the Mnemesis track names, recorded Morten’s responses, and then did a word association on his word association. The results are below (Eftemie’s responses in bold).

Mnemesis Track 01, “Transcend”= Meditation = "StegtFlæsk med persille sovs." I have no idea what that’s called in English, but it’s a great Viking dish.

Mnemesis Track 02, “Valves” = Heart Surgery = Keep working out with metal music in your ears and stop eating junk food.

Mnemesis Track 03, “Junkies On The Storm” = Face-Eating Drug Addicts = Never judge.

Mnemesis Track 04, “I’ve Been You” = Peter Frampton’s “I’m In You” (Live) = Great haircut.

Mnemesis Track 05, “Pattern Platform” = The International Space Station = Mass data acquisition.

Mnemesis Track 06, “Mnemesis” = Public Enemy (the band) = Great band and the true representation of rap with political twists that blows every R&B artist out of the water.

Mnemesis Track 07, “There’s No Tomorrow” = Atomic Bombs = Too complicated and obsolete warfare; imagine what you can do with viruses these days.

Mnemesis Track 08, “Haven At The End Of The World” = Galileo Galilei = Pizza in the sky.

Mnemesis Track 09, “Ocean Of Void” = The Mariana Trench = Jules Vernes goldmine.

Mnemesis Track 10, “Blue Desert In A Black Hole” = Stephen Hawking = He was portrayed in The Simpsons and has his cartoon toy-figure in his office.

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