SUFFOCATION and ORIGIN – “The End Of Humanity

Few bands can be credited with creating a legacy, however, legendary New York based extreme metal outfit SUFFOCATION have done just that. For over 20 years now SUFFOCATION have been creating music that has become the very standard by which we judge all things extreme. Their fusion of technicality, groove and sheer unrelenting brutality has been imitated but never quite duplicated. Milestone records such as Effigy of the Forgotten, Pierced from Within, and Despise the Sun have influenced a wealth of today’s best musical talents.

Joining Suffocation is ORIGIN, one of the most intense and technical forces of the contemporary death metal world. ORIGIN, have returned to stake their claim as the leaders of metal’s new wave of extremity with their fifth studio effort entitled Entity. As expected, ORIGIN continue to churn out frantic hell paced grids of metal torment, but now further compliment the arrangements with a new found propensity for churning grooves and the hook laden approach that first reared its ugly, but accessible head on the bands 2007 offering, Antithesis.

Joined by guests Re Armed and Unbreakable Hatred, THE END OF HUMANITY tour is all set to crush its way around Europe and destroy all in its path.

July 5th Germany, Hunxe @ Extremefest
July 6th Swiss, Pratteln @ Extremefest
July 7th Austria, Sankt Poelten / VAZ area @ Extremefest
July 8th TBA
July 10th Romania, Cluj Napoca @ TBA
July 11th Slovakia, Kosice @ Collosseum
July 12th Czech, Trutnov @ Battlefield - Obscene Extreme Festival
July 13th Hungary, Pecs @ Rockmaraton
July 14th Italy, Conegliano @ Appartamento Hoffman
July 15th Italy, Rome @ Black Out Rock Club
July 17th France, Lyon @ CCO
July 19th France, Colmar @ Le Grillen
July 20th Germany, Steinbach / Langenbach @ Queens of Metal
July 21st Germany, Kassel @ K19
July 22nd Germany, Berlin @ K17
July 24th Denmark, Aarhus @ V58
July 25th Denmark, Copenhagen @ Pumpethuset
July 26th Germany, Braunschweig @ Meier Music Hall
July 27th Netherland, Eindhoven @ Dynamo
July 28th Netherland, Steenwijk @ Stonehenge Festival – Suffocation only
July 28th Germany, Obersinn @ Eisenwahn – Origin only

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