Swedish modern metal superstars SONIC SYNDICATE have issued the following update:
Last year was an insane roller-coaster for SONIC SYNDICATE with extremes of both highs and lows. The band played in front literally the biggest crowds of their entire career, but parted ways with 2 band members. They were presented with Gold Records amongst other music awards, but lost over 100,000 friends when their Facebook page was deleted. The list of good and bad that pursues SONIC is longer than their bar tab at the Metal Hammer Awards. So after the WE RULE THE WORLD TOUR which spanned Japan, Scandinavia, entire Europe and Russia was complete they decided to call a hiatus, in all honesty not knowing what would happen next. All they knew was they needed to be with their families.
Nine months of silence. After their joint-headline spot at SUMMERBREEZE festival to over 35,000 people SONIC haven't played a single show since, declining tour offers to play with some of the worlds hugest bands. But all of this still hasn't been enough to stop their fans. The overwhelming amount of requests to see them live again have kept pouring in everyday since they announced the break. Sooner or later SONIC would have to comment something.

Commented the band: "We've been to hell and back this past 12 months but we realized something. We miss each other. And we miss our fans and we miss playing live! It seemed we had 2 choices. Split up, go our separate ways and let our fans down OR continue even more determined. So we have some very exciting news! We're back! We're gonna play some very exclusive shows this year, and decided first we have to go to Hungary because we missed it on the WRTN tour!"

It has now been confirmed that SONIC SYNDICATE will be co-headlining 'VEKERI FESZTIVAL' in HUNGARY 21-23RD JUNE! Other acts include AMORPHIS, ELUVEITIE and many more!


Photograph courtesy of Cornterstone © All Rights Reserved.

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