Redglare Records’ Metal Quartet Obsidian Sky Recording New Album with Renowned Producer Daniel Castleman

SAN MARCOS, Calif.—Obsidian Sky is currently at Lambesis Studios recording their next album, working under the direction of producer Daniel Castleman. The forthcoming album from Redglare Records will be the Atlanta metal band’s first full-length album and will debut this fall.

Lambesis Studios is owned by As I Lay Dying’s front man Tim Lambesis, and it is the place where the Grammy-nominated metalcore band records all of their albums. Once a private studio, Lambesis Studios is now open to a limited number of bands. Obsidian Sky is currently there for a full month of recording, living and working on site.

Castleman has been an engineer on all of As I Lay Dying’s albums and a longtime collaborator with Lambesis. Now, Castleman has the opportunity to work with the burgeoning Obsidian Sky.

“I’m looking forward and am very grateful to work on the upcoming release for Obsidian Sky. They are a talented band and I am anxious to hear what we can accomplish together in the studio,” Castleman says.

Obsidian Sky has been building momentum since their inception in 2010, and they have always named As I Lay Dying as one of their inspirations. Now, they are both recording at the band’s studio and working with their producer.

“Daniel is a fantastic producer, and he’s put out some awesome records. He’s really going to help us take our full-length record to the next level,” says drummer Mo Al-Boinen. “Being out there for an intense month of recording is going to help us put all that we can muster into this one record. I think this is really going to put us on the map.”

Fans can find daily updates and photos from the recording sessions at Keep an eye for news about the new album, due in the fall of 2012.


With an aggressive sound that can be related to bands like Pantera, Kill Switch Engage, As I Lay Dying, and All That Remains, Obsidian Sky has been a driving force on the regional music scene since their inception in 2010. The quartet features Khalifa Al-Boinen (vocals, guitar), Tim Grindle (lead guitar), Dillan Lynn (bass) and Mo Al-Boinen (drums).

Obsidian Sky plays extensively in the Atlanta area and Southeast United States. Their first full-length album will be released by Redglare Records in the fall of  2012. More information about Obsidian Sky can be found online



Launched in 2011, Redglare Records is under the direction of Everett Dolgner, a veteran of the music industry with a background in punk, heavy metal and industrial music. Redglare Records is based in Atlanta, Georgia. More information about the label can be found online at


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