UK occult Black Metal unit DONN THE PHILOSOPHY announce release debut album

After their successful tour supporting Taake and Byfrost late 2011 UK occult Black Metal unit DONN THE PHILOSOPHY announce the release of their debut album 'Horns Curve into Broken Circles' upon the world scene through Peregrination Records.


Donn (the mastermind bind the project) explains:
Donn the Philosophy portrays one beings journey of continued expansion and separation away from god, towards the ultimate goal of becoming an independent entity as has been shown by the great entity Lucifer / Satan. The project should be seen more as a spiritual tool than a desire to adhere to an existing scene, and so Donn the Philosophy is the initial step of the creator becoming an individual. The spiritual journey away from the singular light and into the limitless darkness.
With plans for another European tour and festival slots for 2012 DONN THE PHILOSOPHY aims to spread the ideal of individualistic spiritual ascension via the rejection of the solar singularity to all of the descendent of Cain, leading those who tread upon a path of development into the darkness where illumination may be found through the gates of damnation.
further details of the project can be found at:
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