TANKARD – recording new album!

Today the iconic thrash metal band TANKARD from Frankfurt entered the Studio in Buchen/Odenwald.
Jointly with the producer Michael Mainx (Onkelz, der W, Disbelief, D-A-D) the alcoholic metal outfit are going to record the soundtrack
for their thirty-years anniversary and Nuclear Blast debut.

Producer Michael Mainx commented:
"I'm really looking forward to go on the second round with TANKARD to record the songs for their 30-years anniversary album worthily and sustain the successful and direfully work together with the thrash metal veterans from Frankfurt."

Bandleader Gerre added:
"We're shaking like a leave because it's very near that Michael Mainx is going to screw us again... sternness apart: we are also very excited about working with him together again. Especially I, as the singer of the band, treasured him because at "Vol(l)ume 14" he brought out the best in me, had ingenious ideas and was the bodily patience! Let's do it again!"

Of course we'll keep you in the loop. Stay tuned!
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