STRIP NO ALTAR: “Vertical Smile” is the title of the new album

STRIP NO ALTAR: "Vertical Smile" is the title of the new album

"Vertical Smile" is the title of Strip no Altar's new album.

The album will bring 13 new tracks and some special guests, like Jan Weitzenbürger (Lead Singer from the German Metal band KILLING

AGE) on the song "Just Wait", and the Brazilian Prog Metal band Andragonia on the song "I Have Something".

The band says that "Vertical Smile" is much more a Metal album than a Punkrock album, and they put a lot of new influences and

experiences on the new songs.

The Lead Singer and Guitarist Plinio Scambora talked a bit about the title of the new album: "Vertical Smile shows exactly our Spirit

State at the moment. The title is based on the fact that we're with the original band members together again, about who we are and

where we want to go, the Vertical Smile (laughs)"

The album was produced by Daniel de Sá and Yuri Boyadjian, and was recorded at Estudio GR in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The first single "Sexual Melody" will be released on the first week of February, exclusively on the website of the Brazilian adult

videos agency XPlastic, and the oficial Videoclip will be released on the second week of February on the Strip no Altar's official


"Vertical Smile" will be available on Itunes and will be released officialy on the band's next European Tour, in March of 2012.

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