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Because of the back injury of SOILWORK guitarist Peter Wichers will be replaced at the festival shows in June and July of David Andersson!

Peter Wichers and SOILWORK would like to share the following message with you all:


Thanks for all the great feedback and kind words of encouragement regarding my back injury! I'm feeling much better after several months of resting, but I'm not 100% yet, so I've decided to sit out some of the Summer Festivals in order to make a full recovery sooner. Filling in for me will be an old friend of the band and an amazing player: David Andersson. David has helped SOILWORK out in the past, and we're grateful that he's offered to step in once again and make these shows possible!

Rock on! Peter


Jun 17 Metal Town - Göteborg, Sweden
Jun 19 Myötätuulirock - Helsinki/Vaanta, Finland
Jun 25 Mach 1 - Montabaur, Germany
Jun 26 Graspop - Dessel, Belgium
Jun 27 Sputnikhalle - Münster, Germany
Jun 28 Underground - Köln, Germany
Jun 30 Hove - Arendal, Norway
Jul 1 Peace & Love - Borlänge, Sweden
Jul 2 Roskilde - Roskilde, Denmark
Jul 3 Reload - Sulingen, Germany
Aug 12 Brutal Assault - Josefov, Czech Republic
Aug 13 Jurassic Rock - Mikkeli, Finland
Aug 20 Gyár - Miskolc-Egyetemváros, Hungary
Sept 8 Close-Up Båten - Stockholm, Sweden
Oct 15 Metal Invasion - Ruhstorf/Passau, Germany
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